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Temple Beth El Re-Dedication

Temple Beth El Service of Re-Dedication, December 27, 2011 in response to swastikas and slogans of hate spray-painted on the synagogue.

4th Annual Kosherfest Culinary Competition 2011

Kosherfest culinary competition at the Meadowlands Exposition Center held Nov. 9, 2011. Courtesy of Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine.

Kehillah Partnership Pilot Program

This past Sunday we wrapped up the fourth year of the Kehillah Partnership Pilot Program with a showcase of sixth-grade students' work reflecting Israel and the cultural arts. The many art exhibits and presentations made by students from the eleven congregations involved were testimony to the fun, learning and community-building they experienced from October through March.

AJC condemns “Free Gaza” flotilla for provoking tragic violence

AJC has posted critical videos that graphically display the attack on Israeli commandos. We urge you to view these videos, which provide vital context for what actually transpired.

Heveinu Shalom Aleichem in Haiti

In a surreal moment captured on camera, tens of local Haitians expressed their gratitude to the ZAKA volunteers who have been working round the clock since their arrival in the disaster area last Friday – by singing Heveinu Shalom Aleichem in Hebrew.

ZAKA International Rescue Unit Head Mati Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer Dovie Maisel and volunteer Dano Monkotavitz taught the locals the tune and the words in Hebrew and together, they took time out from the grim reality around them to sing together.


ZAKA rescue in Haiti

As a follow up to the news of the rescue of 8 survivors from the rubble of the university building at the weekend by the Israel-based Un-recognized ZAKA International Rescue Unit delegation working together with the Mexican military delegation and Mexican Jewish volunteers.

ZAKA's Haiti Fund to support the ongoing recovery mission of this volunteer organization:


In response to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai

The sermon delivered by Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner on November 29, 2008.
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03 June 2010

You have to got to be kidding with all this news. The world knows what is happening

Golen on entry 'AJC condemns "Free Gaza" flotilla for provoking tragic violence'.

31 December 2009

Great Jewish site, indeed.  I have been going through the site for quite some time and I really liked it.  Thanks for sharing.

South American Honeymoons on entry '2009 Ma'adan latke-eating contest'.



Should the Senate confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense?

This poll ended on January 16, 2013.



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